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With bottom gusset stand up glassine paper bag making machine was successfully developed at Wenzhou Zhengding


Glassine paper folding bottom stand-up bag was successfully developed.

The usage of glassine transparent paper bags for clothes has long been accepted by the clothing industry,

but the inability to open the bottom limits its use scenarios, especially shirts with hard collars, thicker clothing, etc.

In order to meet customer needs, at the same time In order to solve the problem that the folded bottom of glassine paper is easy to break,

our company's technical staff applied our mature patented technology and successfully developed it.

And there is no need to use pre-coated paper, which not only solves the cost problem of buying pre-coated paper for customers,

but also ensures that the packaged products will not bond with the adhesive surface at high temperatures, because we use partly gluing method.

There is no glue except for the sealing line. 

The bottom of the glassine transparent paper can be opened to expand the capacity of the bottom.

At the same time, it must be made of pure paper without pre-coated glue. This has always been the wish of many users.

Today, Wenzhou Zhengding Company makes it become into reality.

This online partially glued three-side sealing paper bag making machine can not only make normal three-side sealing bags,

but also fold-bottom stand-up paper bags. It is made of pure paper, without a coating layer or pre-coated glue;

the paper varies from 40 gsm glassine paper to 80 gsm Kraft paper all can make into bottom gusset bags.

The glassine paper clothes bag making machine can not only make the bottom gusset bag, but also can make the normal paper three sides sealing bags with glassine paper, Kraft paepr and pre-coated paper bag etc.

Friends who interested in please feel free to contact with us.

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