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Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine
  • Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making MachineCompetitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine
  • Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making MachineCompetitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine
  • Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making MachineCompetitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine

Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine

A competitive transparent paper garment bag making machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to manufacture transparent paper garment bags. These bags are commonly used in the garment industry for packaging clothes, providing visibility and protection while showcasing the garments.

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Product Description


Introducing our state-of-the-art Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine, meticulously crafted to produce high-quality kraft express envelope bags. This innovative machine offers an efficient bag-making process, ensuring the creation of durable and reliable pure paper express packaging bags.

The bag-making process starts with kraft paper passing through the paper winding frame, where it is precisely aligned. Vertically and horizontally, glue is expertly applied to ensure strong adhesion. The edges are skillfully folded, and the bottom is accurately inserted. Then, through the application of controlled heat and pressure, the bag is perfectly sealed. Finally, the excess paper is cut off, resulting in a complete and flawless kraft express envelope bag.

To ensure the highest level of precision and automation, the entire machine is equipped with an advanced motion controller serving as the main control unit. This cutting-edge technology enables seamless multi-servo linkage operation, facilitating automatic bag-making throughout the entire process.

With our Competitive Transparent Paper Garment Bag Making Machine, you can expect superior performance, efficient production, and exceptional output. Trust in our cutting-edge technology and dedication to excellence as we revolutionize the kraft express envelope bag production process, catering to your packaging needs with precision and efficiency.

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3. Unveil the potential of our Corrugated Paper Envelope Machine, creating versatile paper bags that cater to diverse packaging needs.

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5. Embrace the future of sustainable packaging with our Honeycomb Paper Rolling Cutting Machine. Harnessing the potential of honeycomb paper, it replaces bubble film in packaging cosmetics, medicine bottles, circuit boards, and electronic originals, ensuring optimal buffering performance.

Notably, all these paper bags are expertly crafted without any plastic components. They are entirely composed of recycled pulp, embodying true environmental friendliness. Join us in taking a step towards a greener world with our eco-friendly and recyclable paper bags, promoting sustainability and reducing the impact on our planet.

Product Attributes

Introducing the cutting-edge Model No. KPEB-700-A by ZHENGDING, a Bag Forming Machine designed for the Manufacturing Plant industry. This state-of-the-art machine is dedicated to producing paper bags, providing a new level of flexibility and functionality in the bag manufacturing process.

Key Features:
- Machine Type: Bag Forming Machine
- Bag Material: Paper
- Programming Control: Yes
- Place of Origin: China
- Warranty Period: 1 Year
- Core Selling Point: Easy To Operate, Remote Control, Flexible Manufacturing, Multifunctional
- Marketing Type: Other, New Product 2020
- Mechanical Test Report: Provided
- Video Factory Inspection: Provided
- Core Component Warranty Period: 1 Year
- Core Components: Motor

Innovative and reliable, the KPEB-700-A boasts a comprehensive set of customer-centric services, including a 1-year warranty and excellent after-sales support. Our online and video technical support ensures a seamless user experience, while spare parts availability guarantees uninterrupted operation.

As a new addition to our product lineup, this machine stands at the forefront of technological advancements. With precise programming control and the capability for remote operation, it offers an unparalleled level of ease and convenience in bag production.

Made with superior craftsmanship in China, the KPEB-700-A is designed to meet the demands of modern bag manufacturing, and its multifunctionality ensures adaptability to various production needs.

At ZHENGDING, we take pride in providing top-notch machines and customer service. We believe in the power of innovation and stand by our commitment to delivering quality products that bring efficiency and value to your manufacturing processes. Trust in our expertise and join us in exploring the endless possibilities with the KPEB-700-A Bag Forming Machine.

Max Speed: 80pcs/Min Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Key Selling Points: Remote Monitoring Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Retail, Advertising Company
Brand Name: zhengdong Model Number: Kraft envelope Maximum machine speed: 80pcs/mim Effective width of bag: 400mm~500mm
Effective length of bag: 350~700mm Diameter of unwinding: 1400mm Applicable material: kraft paper Dimensions: 18mx2.3mx2.5m (LxWxH)
Backup power: 38KW Bag Type: Other Voltage: 380V, 380V 50Hz Weight: 3 KG
Certification: CE ISO9001
Supply Ability & Additional Information
Packaging: stretch film and wooden pallet or as customer's requirement. Transportation: Ocean,Land Place of Origin: China Supply Ability: 10 Set/Sets per Month
Certificate: CE Payment Type: L/C,T/T

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units: 
- The product is sold in sets.

Package Type:
- The product is carefully packaged using stretch film and secured on a wooden pallet.
- Alternatively, the packaging can be customized based on the specific requirements of the customer.

Picture Example:
- (Provide a visual representation or illustration of the product's packaging and presentation.)

Product information

Introducing our cutting-edge Kraft Envelope Making Machine, a game-changer in the packaging industry. This machine is designed to revolutionize the production of kraft paper envelopes with exceptional efficiency and precision.

Key Specifications:
- Product Name: Kraft Envelope Making Machine
- Max. Speed: 80pcs/min
- Max. Width of Bag: Up to 500mm (maximum width when the bag is unfolded)
- Max Length of Bag: Up to 700mm (maximum length when the bag is finished)
- Material: Kraft Paper
- Max. Diameter of Unwinding: Φ1400mm
- Overall Dimension: 18m x 2.3m x 2.5m (Length x Width x Height)
- Power: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire
- Backup Power: 38KW

This powerhouse machine boasts an impressive production speed of up to 80 envelopes per minute, ensuring optimal productivity and meeting high-demand requirements. Its versatility allows for bags with a maximum width of 500mm when unfolded and a maximum finished length of 700mm, catering to a wide range of envelope sizes.

Crafted to perfection, the Kraft Envelope Making Machine utilizes kraft paper as the primary material, ensuring eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. With a maximum unwinding diameter of Φ1400mm, uninterrupted production is ensured, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Measuring at 18 meters in length, 2.3 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in height, this machine is thoughtfully designed for space optimization while maintaining top-notch performance.

Powered by a reliable 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire electrical system, it also features a robust 38KW backup power supply, guaranteeing continuous and uninterrupted operations even during unexpected power outages.

Embrace the future of envelope production with our Kraft Envelope Making Machine, where speed, precision, and eco-friendliness converge to elevate your packaging solutions. Witness the seamless transformation of kraft paper into high-quality envelopes and experience a new level of efficiency in your manufacturing processes.

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Welcome to Wenzhou Zhengding Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd, a leading technical enterprise dedicated to the research and development, as well as the manufacturing of cutting-edge packaging equipment. With an illustrious history of 24 years, we possess over a decade of invaluable experience in this dynamic field.

Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering quality products and providing the best possible service to our esteemed clients. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, we constantly strive to improve and innovate, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

With a diverse product range featuring over 30 machines, including bubble shockproof bag making machines, stationery machines, high-precision cross cutting machines, and slitting machines, we cater to various industry needs. Moreover, our skilled R&D department stands ready to customize high-tech machines tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

We take pride in nurturing long-standing partnerships with high-quality enterprises in the packaging and stationery industry. This collaboration has granted us a deeper understanding of market dynamics, keeping us attuned to technical innovations that shape the industry landscape.

As a trusted partner, we are fully devoted to contributing to your professional success. Our sincerity and dedication fuel our quest to enhance your career and elevate your packaging solutions. Trust in Wenzhou Zhengding Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd for superior products, expert advice, and a seamless journey towards growth and excellence. Together, let us embark on a path of progress, driven by a genuine commitment to your success.

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